Thoughts on an Unusual Holy Week

Dear Parishioners of St. Joseph,

Nick Cifonie, a parishioner of our parish who, God willing, will be ordained a deacon this August, shared some thoughts on this most unusual Holy Week that I thought could be a source of encouragement as we prepare for an Easter Sunday without Mass and without church…

Announcement: Easter is still going to happen!

For the first time in many of our lifetimes, we won’t be celebrating the Easter Liturgies at our churches.
We won’t share together the irony of Palm Sunday. We won’t re-live the Passion of our Lord during the Stations of the Cross services. We won’t re-create Christ’s washing of the feet on Holy Thursday, sorrow at the foot of the cross on Good Friday, or sing Gloria together as we rejoice in the risen Christ on Easter Sunday.

Even so, Easter is still going to happen.

During these uncertain times, many of us need our churches more than ever… but “church” is not a place we go. It’s not a building we visit or service we attend, but Christ’s living body on earth. It’s found in our hearts, our minds, and our hands as we reach out to help those who may not be able to help themselves.

It’s the stay-at-home mom who babysits her nurse friend’s children so she can still work with the schools closed. It’s the Uber driver delivering groceries for free for the elderly. It’s the restaurant offering free food to those who can’t afford to pay. It’s the medical professional treating the sick on a daily basis knowing almost certainly he will be affected as well.
Christ is alive and well, and so… Easter is still going to happen!

During this most-holy of seasons, while we may not celebrate in the same building, we still celebrate together. As long as we live in Christ and Him in us, we celebrate together. As we approach and move into Holy Week don’t weep at the thought of missing our usual services, but take joy in knowing that you are not alone.

Know that as Christ’s body on earth we are one, we are together, and we are alive. Know that no matter where we are, no virus or other circumstances can change that…and know that like as Jesus rose to save us, we will rise from this as well.

And of course… have a Happy Easter!